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this glossary has been created through the combined efforts of participants in the OpenWeekend Potluck sessions that are a monthly occurance in the
knowplace family of sites

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embed video in your blog. (Very easy, they provide the html code snipet to be placed in the blog)

thanks to AndreasB for this posting                  April06

It has VOIP, phone, chat and webcam capabilities and an individual is able to conduct webinars. I am still playing around with it. Educators may find it useful as it has an "Educate & Train" section.

from the website:

General Features

  • Browser-based
  • Hundreds of Active/Archived Meetings per User
  • Flexible, PowerPoint-like Authoring
  • Always-On/Persistent
  • External Publishing
  • Custom Branding
  • FREE!

thanks to knowmate Daisy W for this post