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this glossary has been created through the combined efforts of participants in the OpenWeekend Potluck sessions that are a monthly occurance in the
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An alternative to "tiny url" with good functionality.

Probably the best feature is the ability to rename (via the nickname feature) the url to something that is meaningful. Tiny Url doesn't appear to have that capability yet.

If you set up a login at SU, you can establish a file of your personal snipped urls which can be designated as private or public access.

Submitted by Sharon Holdner   Sept. 24, 2005
I'll pick on one here, but there are many, many available, but a plug in that I enjoy using with the Firefox web browser is called StumbleUpon. This plug finds random web sites that are based on the interests you define when setting up StumbleUpon. For example, if you are interested in woodworking, it will find random web site dealing with woodworking. It is a great little tool, but one to which you can easily loose many hours. You get to it by going under the Tools menu in Firefox and choosing Extensions. Choose the link at the bottom of the window called 'Get More Extensions'. It will take you to a web site where you can choose from hundreds of extensions that increase the functionality of your Firefox web browser.

Here is the direct link to StumbleUpon

Thanks to NorbertK for this posting                            April06