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this glossary has been created through the combined efforts of participants in the OpenWeekend Potluck sessions that are a monthly occurance in the
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PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application.

OpenSource project

pdf creator

thanks to Christine Lombarts for sharing this program                  Sept06
Ken Thompson's blog 'The Bumble Bee' posted this collection of directories last August:
Collectively these five directories probably cover the 300 most popular commercial, Web2.0 and Open Source collaboration products currently available.

1. Thinkofit
2. Wikipedia
3. Capterra
4. econsultant (Web2.0)
5. Sourceforge (Open Source)

plogger image
Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. A web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool — everything you need to share your images with the world. Plogger is your photos integrated into your website, a fully featured photo sharing package with an attractive and easy to use administrative interface that makes managing your galleries a breeze. Integrating our gallery software into your website is as easy as inserting three lines of PHP code. And did we mention the price? Absolutely Free. Plogger requires a server setup with at least MySQL v3.23, GD1.0, and PHP4.

With Photostory you can make a dynamic slide show with your still images, add voice and fancy transition effects. Just add any image you have in your photo floder (or ripped online -as long as you're not using things commercially, I am pretty careless. You could also look for pictures that are free of copyright; I've seen references to sites with this quality lately.

I've tried creating a few Photoshop sets to find out how to do so, and it is quite simple. It seem to be impossible to edit sound once you have saved a project, so perhaps you would need to work with mode versions, like editing a draft before you make a final decision. Could also be me who did not read the documentation carefully yet.

The format when saved is .wmv
On Windows you need the latest Windows Media player 10 (probably sorks best with xp).

One irritation was that when on mac I could not open the Photostory files that others created, but that might be a matter of setting the right media player . You know, trial and error - and a litle help from your firends smile

Just found on my computer a nice illustrated manual I've picked up somewhere, can't see who created it so cannot give credit. Now lte me see if I can upload it here; format is a Word document that opens nicely in my MS Office 2003.

Submitted by Sus Nyrop Sept. 24, 2005
: enables anyone to easily find, create, and distribute podcasts, which are audio files published to the Internet and available for downloading right into your iPod or portable music player. I've created one for my EFL class and it's working successfully for a project with students all over the world here (hellos are welcome!)

Thanks to Rita Z for this entry

Andreas had this to say: I personaly prefer odeo to podomatic and use the player/html to include it in "normal blogs".
From Europe we experienced sometimes problems to upload or record online and edit at podomatic... If you are patient it is a great tool...

posted  Sept06

I have searched for a possibility to give presentations on the web. I found these and want to share them with you:
I haven't tried this in great detail, but it looks promising at first sight.
You can build a foto-presentation with sound that runs as standalone presentation.
Using flicr photos for your presentation, I haven't tried this in more detail.
Looks promising, you can give life presentations, if you switch to another page, you audience will see the new page too.
Seems to be the best of all. You can set up a meeting with shared desktop, blackboard and voice. I would like to try it out with some participants but haven't found some yet.

thanks to Marian Heddesheimer for this great selection smile