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this glossary has been created through the combined efforts of participants in the OpenWeekend Potluck sessions that are a monthly occurance in the
knowplace family of sites

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just check this out. I was using this conference room the other day and it's really neat.

ICR rooms includes these features as standard:Voice Communications
The moderator of a conference has complete control of who is participating and what actions they can take.
Individual microphone and speaker volume adjustments

 Share your screen content
Everyone can view the same screen in the follow-me mode, and you can move to any accessible website, with every change instantly reflected on all participant screens.
Place presentation pages, slides, or flash on the internet and all your guests or customers can watch the presentation while you narrate and/or respond to questions
Participants can talk with each other while the follow-me browser is being used for collaboration, demonstration.

Instant Text-chat
Type and send private or group messages
Customizable fonts and coloring, icons 

Shared Calendar
A shared Web-based calendar is available for scheduling meeting dates and times

PowerPoint Presentations
You can create special presentations and upload in advance for a conference.These slides can than be shared by all participants.

Submited by Cristina Costas Sept. 24, 2005

Note: this program was developed by Geoff Kaye of Compued in Perth Western Australia. Geoff has worked tirelessly in developing what we call "low threshold technologies" that will work effectively in areas that have low connection speeds to the internet. (AussieK)

quite useful software that can be used for free to store information. It is called indisk and it allows the users to upload and download files.
It is quite simple to use, you just have to sign up for it. It's a Brazilian software but I am leaving you the link anyway!

submitted by Cristina Costa   Sept. 24, 2005

I am always impressed with the quality sites that I find in the UK.

I know there are a number of educators signed in this weekend, although this site is applicable to anyone who is interested in keeping young people safe online.

The internet safety zone has great information that could be a starting point for discussion within a classroom/family or just to gain personal information

Another site that I really like getnetwise - you are just one click away
It has great video tutorials and the spotlight section is well worth a look.

Do you have any internet savvy sites that you regularly use?


open source logo image

here is the introduction to an article on opensource from the OpportunityWales online guides area:

Could your business benefit from free, quality software? Of course it could. But, what's the catch? As long as you're reasonably PC literate (or know a web developer) there isn't one. Here's how you can cut costs by tapping into a growing movement called 'Open Source' software.

As its name suggests Open Source software includes publically available source code bundled with the product. By contrast commercial software, such as Microsoft Word, is 'closed source' - the source code is closely guarded by the developers and is never released. In practice this means that development of closed source products continues at the pace set by the developers and not by the users of the software.

Does this matter?

Yes. With Open Source software, the source code is available to its users, so anyone can add new features to the software. Because of its “open” nature, the software can also have less bugs as the users and developer join forces to find bugs, fix them and release new versions.

the full article [4 pages] is well worth a read.

iteamwork was recommended by Knowmate AussieK.

from the website: is a free, online, web-based team project management application that you use with your web browser.

The methodology, implementation and interface are kept simple to insure that the focus is on managing projects rather than learning a new system.

It also has a link to enable encryption which is a good idea it a team is working with sensitive information. You can create a project, compile a list of tasks, assign someone to complete the task, add notes about the project/tasks, percentage complete tracking, mark tasks as completed, reassigning a task to another person, change a task to a project etc.. It is a comprehensive team workplace that uses email notification to keep all members informed.