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this glossary has been created through the combined efforts of participants in the OpenWeekend Potluck sessions that are a monthly occurance in the
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a freeware automatic correction exercise tool, which is very easy to work with - very user-friendly, and the students also enjoy doing the exercises. It displays different types of exercises, such as crosswords, quiz, match, etc.

Submitted by Cristina Costas  Sept. 24, 2005

Whilst Hot Potatoes is a great application, just about averyone who uses it in the context of education development or in particular Adult Education, needs to register and pay a licence fee to use the product.

From Hot Potatoes Comercial Licences

Hot Potatoes is free for use by individuals working for state-funded educational institutions which are non-profit making, on the condition that the material you produce using the program is freely available to anyone via the WWW. However, you need to purchase a licence under any of the following conditions:

  • You are working for a company or corporation, or an educational institution which is not state-funded.
  • You are in business for yourself.
  • You charge money for access to the material you make with Hot Potatoes.
  • You do not make the material freely available through the WWW.
  • AussieK   Sept 24, 2005