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this glossary has been created through the combined efforts of participants in the OpenWeekend Potluck sessions that are a monthly occurance in the
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brilliantignorance blog has posted a list of his 5 favourite mac freeware products

My Favorite 5 Mac freeware

1. Quicksilver - Mac OS X on steroids.

2. Adium - Best multi-protocol instant messenger

3. Growl - System wide notification utility

4. VLC Player - Plays everything under the sun (...well almost)

5. MacJanitor - One touch system maintenance
You might also want to check out his Essential section where there are comprehensive links to essential addons for pc's, mac's, firefox and treo

Meeting Wizard{ An easy-to-use and reliable tool for scheduling meetings.

Thanks to Elga Nikolva for providing this link                 April06



As supporters of OpenSource options, knowplace recommends OpenOffice as an alternative to commercial office programs.

It has recently come to my attention that people need help understanding the program. Here are a few links to tutorials that you might find useful.

read this page first:

This site has a flash tutorial on Impress for presentations and 3 levels of tutorials for Calc [their version of Excel] that might be helpful as well as online pages to go through or print off.

e-learning for OpenOffice

Can work online or has downloadable program with tutorials:

  open office tutorials




You can use it as replacement for MS-Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The handling ist a little bit different but the learning courve is not very steep if you already know something about word processing or calculation software.

It's free and available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Thanks to Marian H. for this posting
ActiveColab is an example of how opensource products are moving into the mainstream business model.

This project management system is built on opensource but provided for your server with support from the company.

from Kenneth W:
BEL Server-Basic(KDE) is a multi-server implementation of PCLinuxOS. It has been modified to come with many common servers pre-installed, such as apache web server, mysql, GroupOffice groupware, DNS, DHCP Postfix email server, Dovecot imap/pop3 server and many many more.

There is a very strong online community devoted to opensource.

There is a great deal of information available with information on management and software available with open source options. There are also great articles to scan for information etc.

Have you ever investigated this community? or another that you would like to recommend?

from Kenneth Wyrick:
drupal is one that i'm interested in and will be the way to go for some sites...i've spent some time with it a couple years ago when i created: with the moodle at: is in current development.

i love wordpress for the ability to edit the css for the elements of a website in a wysiwyg, it's simplicity...I was able to take a sandbox template and with the help of a friend create:'s just a start...the other site i did a few months ago is

joomla has a highly organized but complex way of modularizing content into a couple different modules so it takes time to know where to put content. I like the feel of it but it will take time to get good at using it. I didn't find an easy calendar to use when I first used it but it might be easier in a more recent release... see what i did in one day at:

the phpWebsite is one that is not typically on the list when comparing cms....when i did my initial evaluation of the cpanel fantastico scripts on both and I decided to ues phpWebsite for the majority of the sites I was working on, at the time.

It's the only one of the php based cms on the fantastico that came with a calendar and a photo album by default...see as one that's been up for over a year...they don't use it much but it's still there with not's also the only php based cms that I found on fantastico that is maintained by a university.

I'm currently using to learn to install install wordpress which i found in synaptic......more another time....hope this was not too long.


"By 2012, more than 90 percent of enterprises will use open source in direct or embedded forms," predicts a Gartner report, The State of Open Source 2008, which sees a "stealth" impact for the technology in embedded form: "Users who reject open source for technical, legal or business reasons might find themselves unintentionally using open source despite their opposition."

this quote is from the talk: Gartner: Open source will quietly take over as reported in ZNET - April 4

Garner continues: "By 2012, more than 90 percent of enterprises will use open source in direct or embedded forms," predicts a Gartner report, The State of Open Source 2008, which sees a "stealth" impact for the technology in embedded form: "Users who reject open source for technical, legal or business reasons might find themselves unintentionally using open source despite their opposition."

What is your take on this evolution?


Randy D: I suppose the only downside one might consider in the increasing use of OpenSource software is the negative effect it might have on business opportunity. But, I think that opportunities for polished end user applications will always be there. In fact, since the market is growing, there will be a bigger demand for simple, hassle-free applications.

I'm happy that OpenSource software like Moodle has been adopted so widely. Moodle may be perceived as a threat to businesses like Blackboard. However, I prefer to think of Moodle as an incentive to BB to provide a better product.

Kenneth: Actually, business opportunities will increase because because more people will have access to use and customization tools that will enable them to produce, communicate and share content.

FOSS really speaks to having more options for a person that is at the mercy of someone else creating software for them to use.

Here you find something like a sandbox for CMS and other tools. Go and give it a try:


This site was created with one goal in mind. To give you the opportunity to "try out" some of the best php/mysql based free and open source software systems in the world. You are welcome to be the administrator of any CMS system here, allowing you to decide which system best suits your needs. You should also visit CMS Training Videos for more in depth video tutorials for many of these systems.

The administrator username and password is given for every system and each system is deleted and re-installed every two hours. This allows you to to add and delete content, change the way things look, basically be the admin of any CMS system here without fear of breaking anything.

At the upper left hand side of your screen you will see a clock that is counting down. What it shows is how much time is left in this two hour demo window. Once the clock hits 00:00:00 the demos will be refreshed.

I hope is useful in your quest to find the right CMS software system for your needs. If you're looking for hosting, OpenSourceHost supports every system here. OpenSourceHost will even install and upgrade the system of your choice for free when you sign up for an account.

thanks to Andreas Buesing for this recommendation



PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application.

OpenSource project

pdf creator

thanks to Christine Lombarts for sharing this program                  Sept06
Ken Thompson's blog 'The Bumble Bee' posted this collection of directories last August:
Collectively these five directories probably cover the 300 most popular commercial, Web2.0 and Open Source collaboration products currently available.

1. Thinkofit
2. Wikipedia
3. Capterra
4. econsultant (Web2.0)
5. Sourceforge (Open Source)


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