In my [Kenneth's] efforts to find open source systems to create and manage content that I can share easily with others I've learned about two areas where I can freely access cms and desktop systems:

1. cPanel with Fantastico on and - this is where I have several instances of moodle, drupal, phpwebsite, joomla and a few other.

2. and where I have come to find and utilize several liveCDs that extends my ability to work with systems running from CDs in a desktop, thin client and server situation.

My basic requirements in bootable liveCDs are: desktop, browser, and access to media. I download iso files, burn them to cds that on a regular bases I use and keep up-to-date with: - the dotlrn and several other OACS packages that I use - small size general purpose...updated most frequently - multi media production and streaming - best OS replacement and desktop - fast becoming the unifying core code that all the other debian users use.

thanks to Kenneth Wyrick for these sites

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