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Glossary: Open Source, Freeware and Collaboration Tools


In my [Kenneth's] efforts to find open source systems to create and manage content that I can share easily with others I've learned about two areas where I can freely access cms and desktop systems:

1. cPanel with Fantastico on and - this is where I have several instances of moodle, drupal, phpwebsite, joomla and a few other.

2. and where I have come to find and utilize several liveCDs that extends my ability to work with systems running from CDs in a desktop, thin client and server situation.

My basic requirements in bootable liveCDs are: desktop, browser, and access to media. I download iso files, burn them to cds that on a regular bases I use and keep up-to-date with: - the dotlrn and several other OACS packages that I use - small size general purpose...updated most frequently - multi media production and streaming - best OS replacement and desktop - fast becoming the unifying core code that all the other debian users use.

thanks to Kenneth Wyrick for these sites
Furl [ ] your personal web file

Furl allows you to copy an article and store it on your computer electronically. It's virtue is, if you do a lot of research on the web, that you can store articles and refer back them on the computer, instead of having to print out large amounts of pages, usually half of which end up being discarded. Very handy for term papers, and professional writers who need to store articles for a short time--a day or a week, before deleting them. Very handy also for arranging footnotes and citations.

thanks to Joseph F. Dunphy for the recommendation


Gizmo  VoIP option
Gizmo Project uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. You talk clearly. For as long as you want. For free. Gizmo Project uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. You talk clearly. For as long as you want. For free.


gizmo features
Google Earth [ ] provides satellite images from around the world. It has a fairly small download but requires a 3D graphics card which may not be available on some older machines. They combine various images to create a seamless trip. My husband was very excited the other day to see the back side of Mount Everest (he loves mountains) and recently took a tour of the Great Wall of China. A warning: it can be quite engrossing and before you realize it an hour has flown by!

New Features [July06]

Less Is More - A New UI
The most obvious change is a new and, we think, simpler user interface.

- textured" 3D buildings
Google Sketchup, you can now create your own textured 3D models
Creating and Sharing Geographic Information – A New Type Of KML
The best thing Google Earth's got going for it is the creativity of the millions of users who are adding and sharing geographic information. And with Google Earth (Release 4 BETA), we've expanded that capability in “KML,” the file format Google Earth uses to add and share data.
-there are
versions of Google Earth in French, Italian, German, and Spanish
- improved the terrain, so peaks and valleys are more realistic


a freeware automatic correction exercise tool, which is very easy to work with - very user-friendly, and the students also enjoy doing the exercises. It displays different types of exercises, such as crosswords, quiz, match, etc.

Submitted by Cristina Costas  Sept. 24, 2005

Whilst Hot Potatoes is a great application, just about averyone who uses it in the context of education development or in particular Adult Education, needs to register and pay a licence fee to use the product.

From Hot Potatoes Comercial Licences

Hot Potatoes is free for use by individuals working for state-funded educational institutions which are non-profit making, on the condition that the material you produce using the program is freely available to anyone via the WWW. However, you need to purchase a licence under any of the following conditions:

  • You are working for a company or corporation, or an educational institution which is not state-funded.
  • You are in business for yourself.
  • You charge money for access to the material you make with Hot Potatoes.
  • You do not make the material freely available through the WWW.
  • AussieK   Sept 24, 2005


    just check this out. I was using this conference room the other day and it's really neat.

    ICR rooms includes these features as standard:Voice Communications
    The moderator of a conference has complete control of who is participating and what actions they can take.
    Individual microphone and speaker volume adjustments

     Share your screen content
    Everyone can view the same screen in the follow-me mode, and you can move to any accessible website, with every change instantly reflected on all participant screens.
    Place presentation pages, slides, or flash on the internet and all your guests or customers can watch the presentation while you narrate and/or respond to questions
    Participants can talk with each other while the follow-me browser is being used for collaboration, demonstration.

    Instant Text-chat
    Type and send private or group messages
    Customizable fonts and coloring, icons 

    Shared Calendar
    A shared Web-based calendar is available for scheduling meeting dates and times

    PowerPoint Presentations
    You can create special presentations and upload in advance for a conference.These slides can than be shared by all participants.

    Submited by Cristina Costas Sept. 24, 2005

    Note: this program was developed by Geoff Kaye of Compued in Perth Western Australia. Geoff has worked tirelessly in developing what we call "low threshold technologies" that will work effectively in areas that have low connection speeds to the internet. (AussieK)

    quite useful software that can be used for free to store information. It is called indisk and it allows the users to upload and download files.
    It is quite simple to use, you just have to sign up for it. It's a Brazilian software but I am leaving you the link anyway!

    submitted by Cristina Costa   Sept. 24, 2005

    I am always impressed with the quality sites that I find in the UK.

    I know there are a number of educators signed in this weekend, although this site is applicable to anyone who is interested in keeping young people safe online.

    The internet safety zone has great information that could be a starting point for discussion within a classroom/family or just to gain personal information

    Another site that I really like getnetwise - you are just one click away
    It has great video tutorials and the spotlight section is well worth a look.

    Do you have any internet savvy sites that you regularly use?


    open source logo image

    here is the introduction to an article on opensource from the OpportunityWales online guides area:

    Could your business benefit from free, quality software? Of course it could. But, what's the catch? As long as you're reasonably PC literate (or know a web developer) there isn't one. Here's how you can cut costs by tapping into a growing movement called 'Open Source' software.

    As its name suggests Open Source software includes publically available source code bundled with the product. By contrast commercial software, such as Microsoft Word, is 'closed source' - the source code is closely guarded by the developers and is never released. In practice this means that development of closed source products continues at the pace set by the developers and not by the users of the software.

    Does this matter?

    Yes. With Open Source software, the source code is available to its users, so anyone can add new features to the software. Because of its “open” nature, the software can also have less bugs as the users and developer join forces to find bugs, fix them and release new versions.

    the full article [4 pages] is well worth a read.

    iteamwork was recommended by Knowmate AussieK.

    from the website: is a free, online, web-based team project management application that you use with your web browser.

    The methodology, implementation and interface are kept simple to insure that the focus is on managing projects rather than learning a new system.

    It also has a link to enable encryption which is a good idea it a team is working with sensitive information. You can create a project, compile a list of tasks, assign someone to complete the task, add notes about the project/tasks, percentage complete tracking, mark tasks as completed, reassigning a task to another person, change a task to a project etc.. It is a comprehensive team workplace that uses email notification to keep all members informed.